City Licensing

If you conduct any business within the city limits of Jackson (including home occupations), you are required to get an annual business or contractor license, depending on the type of work you do, unless specifically exempted by state statute. Business and contractor licenses are for the calendar year, January 1 through December 31. To apply for either license, please use the side bar link to the right to access the required form.  

Liquor licenses follow a separate schedule and are issued for the date range of July 1 through June 30.  If you are a business who sells alcoholic beverages, you are required to have both a business and a liquor license.  The municipal code that governs business activity within the City of Jackson can be found in Section 37. Please contact the Clerk's office at 573-243-3568 or email that office for further information.

For business activities that do not fall under one of the specific license types, a merchant's license is required.

State exemptions exist for the following occupations: profession or calling of minister of the gospel, duly accredited Christian Science practitioner, teacher, professor in a college, priest, lawyer, certified public accountant, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, chiropodist, physician, or surgeon. The professions of insurance agent or broker, veterinarian, architect, professional engineer, land surveyor, auctioneer, and real estate broker or salesman must obtain a license if an office is maintained within Jackson city limits.

Links to the necessary forms and steps for obtaining your City of Jackson business license are below. Check for additional licensing requirements in Missouri.

For questions about city business licensing, please contact the City Clerk's office at 573-243-3568 or by email. Contractors engaged in all areas of construction may contact Building and Planning directly at 573-243-2300 or by email for more information.