Grading / Excavation

All land disturbance over 1 acre or 500 cubic yards requires a City of Jackson Grading Permit.

Grading projects over 1 acre also require a Land Disturbance Permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

All excavation under city streets or within the street right-of-way requires a City of Jackson Excavation Permit. Excavation permits are automatically included in building, driveway, r plumbing, or electrical permits that require excavation in the street right-of-way. For all other projects, an Excavation Permit must be separately obtained.

Erosion Control

All land disturbance requires effective erosion control to prevent sediment from leaving the site to streets, creeks, swales, storm drains, and other properties. Erosion control measures must be installed prior to commencing land disturbance and must be properly maintained throughout the project until permanent vegetation is again established.